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Falla ONe - LA - AC



speak your mind
i know the cia keeps fucking with me
they're my dreams like something wes craven scripted on lsd
these fucking smith agents
i punch em dead in the nuts
like cage did LA-AK SPITS
dylan and eric were good kids before they turned them into satan and his shrink
i've seen cops snorting lines of cocaine c'mon dawg this ain't no joke
you want really want the truth? i speak it every time i step in the booth
read behold a pale horse it's going to be like beholding a corpse
i'm into poetry and books that's why they government labeled me as a crook
governmerda did you know that there's a cure for homosexuality? and you can get rid of hiv with vitamin c?
a clockwork orange we all got a microchips in our foreheads
i'm like kool g rap don't fuck with me or i'ma fill your skull with lead
you can't kill me cuz i'm already dead
i tried to commit suicide 16 times but  my technique is immortal
like felipe you must be thinkn that i'm trippin
i live in la center of the earth earthquake demons shake me my throat burns
snakes in high school undercover police tryna handle my biz
i died but i was sent back on this planet to live out my bad karma
accidental drama
you're a leech how could there ever be freedom of speech when there isn't freedom of thought? that's why many wars were fought
i worship the pyramids and an egyptian god
never turn your back to the sun
you're shoes got a nike logo flipped upside down which means you're walking like a loser
2013 starship trooper
you're calling for mommy what you don't really know is a word which really means zombie
stay out of jail be strong
and if you want peace be prepared for war