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Sound Clip

by Total Control


CD-ROM-Partition, contains a little animation called "e-mail". Have fun! You`ll find most of the sounds used in "e-mail" on X-FX. space machines passing by battle radio communication sonar comedy hydraulic doors 1 hydraulic doors 2 hydraulic doors 3 pneumatic doors 1 pneumatic doors 2 pneumatic doors 3 electric doors 1 electric doors 2 door lock 1 door lock 2 door lock 3 explosions 1 explosions 2 explosions 3 shots 1 shots 2 weapon noises liquid events 1 liquid events 2 drops 1 drops 2 electrical switches mechanical switches 1 mechanical switches 2 metallic dreams metallic impacts 1 metallic impacts 2 metallic impacts 3 metallic blasts scratches 1 scratches 2 scratches 3 subsonic impacts machine bursts 1 machine bursts 2 machine bursts 3 machine screams 1 machine screams 2 noisy impacts 1 noisy impacts 2 noisy impacts 3 energy & rays controls - beeps 1 controls - beeps 2 controls - buzzes 1 controls - buzzes 2 pneumatics blasts 1 pneumatic blasts 2 hydraulic blasts 1 hydraulic blasts 2 air liquide kybernetic links alarms & warnings 1 alarms & warnings 2 continous control sounds synthetic zaps 1 synthetic zaps 2 synthetic sub impacts proton converter startup fusion machine cooling unit deep space room atmo EM transmission unit metalllic rumble metallic machine drive 1 strange bubbles metallic spheres 1 rough metal atmosphere liquid drive environment pneumatic moves liquid environment metallic groove atmo pulse transforming plant sub pulse transformer personant warp reactor metallic machine drive 2 psychotic environments noisy space surrounding energy phase control area metallic spheres 2 transmitter control room metallic machine drive 3 transformer control room converter air conditioning tachyon generator generator control panel EM transmission line subfrequent pulsating atmo 1, subfrequent steady atmo subfrequent noise atmo band engine noise atmo hangar atmo, engines running machines startup, atmo engine startups: standby to continous power; continous to boost power; standby to boost power; startup engione elements engine shutdowns: continous to standy; boost power to standby / total shutdown; standby to chillout; shutdown engine elements engine continous power: continous power; boost power; standby; preheating; chillout; continous elements

CDDB: 76115263